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Fungus girls!
They are: Bleeding Tooth, Rosy Veincap, Veiled Lady, Inky Cap, Sea Anemone, Red Cage, Morel, Amethyst Deceiver 

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Hassan Massoudy(Iraqi, b.1944)

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Splendid Wood Cutout Sculptures by Martin Tomsky

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London-based artist Martin Tomsky creates elaborate illustrations that are then transformed into beautifully intricate wooden sculptures.

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Illustrations by Yuko Shimizu  an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City.

Her first monograph which includes works from past ten years of her career was published from Gestalten in 2011. Her fist children’s book Barbed Wire Baseball is due to be out in spring of 2013 from Abrams Books.

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Re-worked , relocated and ……….relax.

Back tracking slightly ,just before the Norwegian adventure, we de-rigged The Fungi Fairy Ring from Kew Gardens in Richmond in late April.

Three of these clusters were carefully transported and installed in the majestic Wakehurst Place landscape .

The ‘Morel Fungi’ are sited under an enormous Beach tree in Coatswood, high up on the ridge with views to the wild meadows and woodlands below.

The ‘Horn of plenty’ in the shadow of a Huge Yew in Westwood Valley.

The ‘Boletus edulis’ at the very feet of the colossal Redwoods in Horsebridge woods.

The other images are of some of the 20 plus sculptures previously installed there and other recently commissioned works around the gardens .

These link together a trail of woven plant forms, which seem to nestle in to the landscape here so well.

Its the largest collection of my work to date at a truly wonderful venue, so get down there! …and can I have a lift too please?

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Neyrelle’s tattoos by Koala Krash on Flickr.[Unlisted Sculpt


Neyrelle’s tattoos by Koala Krash on Flickr.

[Unlisted Sculpt


Sculptor & Artist:

Natasha Cousens

"Doe Ray Me"

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Use your Illusion
by steven wilson

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